‘Hasan Nasir’s case should be re-opened’ Shafqat Tanvir Mirza, Dawn, July 30, 2009

Article in Lahore edition of Dawn today by Shafqat Tanvir Mirza

Hasan nisar case

Dr Sarwar – student activism photos and as a PMA office bearer

Dr Sarwar – Dow, PMA & other pix

Remembrances – by Hilda Saeed, July 27, 2009

Hilda SaeedHilda Saeed works in the area of population and development, reproductive health and gender. She is a long-time women’s rights activist, among the founder members of Women Action Forum (WAF), and was among the 1000 global nominees for the “1000 Nobel Peacewomen Award” 2005

Father and sonIt’s taken me a long time, just to sit and write these thoughts… Memories can be difficult things to deal with at times, nor are tears enough to express the grief you feel.

As we sat together at the PMA hall in Karachi on May 31 this year, remembering Sarwar, and friends recalled their particular memories, I felt Sarwar is still with us, large as life. So many recollections…. incidents, shared laughter, political discussions, recalling the years of student activism, happy times together.

I entered this group of friends, doctors, political and human rights activists, poets and artists after meeting Mazhar Saeed in the early ‘60s,  much later than their time of student activism: by that time,  we were all already involved in our different careers: I hadn’t been with them in my student days.

Coming from the cloistered surroundings of a women’s college into the stimulating activity of the DJ (Science College), and its student union, was an elating experience, even though, as I learnt subsequently, college student unions in those days, in 1957-1958, were on their last legs.

That was when we learnt of the earlier activism of the DSF (Democratic Student’s Federation), their media link with the public, the “Students Herald”, a fortnightly magazine published by the DSF and edited by S.M. Naseem, which noticeably impacted the student movement, and in that brief period, also gained international repute. We learnt of the struggles of this student group with the politicians of that time, the formation of the Inter Collegiate Body, and the involvement of Sarwar, Adib Rizvi, Haroon Ahmed, Zain Alavi and his brother Hamza Alavi, Mazhar Saeed, Salieem Asmi, S.M. Naseem  and other student activists.

Those were wonderful learning years, when we gained so much awareness about rights, democracy, the fast changing political scenario – yet, paradoxically, as we entered university in 1958, and Ayub Khan became the first military dictator, they were also the years when we realized how much our rights as students and as human beings were being eroded.

Mazhar Saeed, Dr Sarwar, Dr Badar, Karachi 2008

Mazhar Saeed, Dr Sarwar, Dr Badar, Karachi 2008

Later  after Mazhar and I were married in 1962, Sarwar and Zakia (she’ll always be Zakko to me) became close friends. For a long time, we were neighbours, with our children growing up together….I’d often walk across at tea time, with my own special mug of tea, for a chat…. He loved some of my cooking, especially the rice and chops. Many were the impromptu evenings when we’d get together with friends at each other’s homes (Come on over, Zakko or I would say, I’ve made paya, or khichri, or besan ki roti, or whatever)… In the 70s, and early 80s, Sibte Bhai, Suroor Bhai (scholar, writer Sibte Hassan, poet Suroor Barabankvi), with Anis and Haroon, Dr Badar and Shaheena Siddiqi, Mazhar, and so many more were often part of this lively, enriching group of friends. Sarwar, in his own quiet way, contributed so much, to such a variety of issues.

He was, for me, also the sympathetic doctor who saw us worried young mothers, and our children, through childhood illnesses, laughed and joked to make us feel better — I really valued his diagnostic skills.

But he was for me, above all, friend and confidante, someone to turn to. I can never forget the time when Mazhar was seriously ill. Sarwar sat up, virtually all night, and only retired when he was repeatedly assured that his patient and friend was fine.

A rare trip abroad: Mazhar and Sarwar, Paris 1978

A rare trip abroad: Mazhar and Sarwar, Paris 1978

How much he valued his friends—and how often he recalled their memorable trip together to London and Paris in 1978 —Haroon, Sarwar and Mazhar, one of the few times Sarwar ever traveled abroad (on a subsequent trip that the friends had planned he actually returned home along with his packed suitcase before even reaching the airport, already nostalgic for his own bed and armchair).

Sleep well, my friend…I can’t help recalling these words from a Christina Rossetti poem “Better by far that you should forget and smile, rather than remember and be sad”.

Yes, Sarwar, we’ll try to smile, and look forward, and continue the struggle for rights in our own separate ways. Maybe someday our future generations will succeed in making Pakistan what we want it to be — a world where religion doesn’t hold sway in this bigoted fashion, as it does now, a country that is secular, that values each human life, where each individual has human rights, equality, healthcare and education, and a chance to grow to her or his full human potential……yes, we’ll smile, but we cannot forget you, or the joy and learning and wonderful friendship that you brought to so many of us

Karachi, July 27, 2009

Dr Sarwar – Celebrating his life’ (poetic invite to Aug 8 event in Lahore)’

A poetic invitation for the Reference for Dr Sarwar on Aug 8th, 5-8 pm at HRCP in Lahore for Dr Sarwar, by Dr Farrukh Gulzar who took the intiative to organise this event.

Subject: Dr Sarwar – Celebrating his life
Date: Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear All,
In a society burdened heavily with economic, social, political oppression
and hence resulting in countless personal tragedies,
which affect lives, and render the affectees
an inhuman and unkind attitude,
a medical doctor has a great responsibility on his/her shoulders
and conscience,
he/she provides physical and psychological relief to the ailing populace,
he becomes the vanguard and beacon of direction,
he  possess resources for a better tomorrow for all,
he delivers hope, our only refuge,
he has a forum to educate and conscientise people from all walks of life,
he is a scientifically oriented individual,
amongst a superstitious, ultra conservative, often antagonist lot,
yet he can harness and acclerate the process and thus transformation of a society,
he can expedite the evolution of society into a civilised commune
Dr Sarwar, 1930-2009,
was such an individual, was such a doctor,
a wonderful, politically oriented doctor,
he did miracles and spent his life,
like all of us aspire for sometimes,
listening to patients, understanding their needs
and miseries, empathising with them, he lived and died,
for every man and woman,
who had the fortune to meet him and learn from his grace,
he provided relief , care and cure to them, he is alive still,
he will always be.
‘Lets celebrate his humble yet intensely effective and contributive life,
let’s vow that we’ll try to be such healers,
and let’s congregate on his 80th birthday,
only a few days after he left us, with his memories and legacy,
Although he isn’t physically with us anymore,
he is immortal, because of his beliefs and deeds
Oh MyFriends!
from all walks of life,
Let`s meet on 8th August, 2009
at Dorab Patel Auditorium,
Aiwan-e-Jamhoor, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan,
107-Tipu Block, New Garden Town, Lahore,
5-8 pm
Let`s pay homage to him, his ideas, his works
Please do come
Thank you all
Dr Farrukh Gulzar
An admirer, a follower, a student, a doctor who believes in his way of practicing medicine

Reference for Dr Sarwar, Aug 8, 5.00 pm, HRCP Lahore

Final-Dr Sarwar reference-flyerFinal-Dr Sarwar reference-flyer

‘Ah, Dr Sarwar’ – Badalti Dunya editorial (Urdu)

'Badalti Duniya', June 2009
"Ah, Dr Mohammad Sarwar' - monthly 'Badalti Duniya' editorial, June 2009

"Ah, Dr Mohammad Sarwar' - monthly 'Badalti Duniya' editorial, June 2009

Dr Sarwar’s clinic in Gulbahar/Golimar, Nazimabad

Board above the door at Dr Sarwar's clinic in Golimar, where he practiced for nearly 50 years.

Dr Sarwar's clinic in Golimar, where he practiced for nearly 50 years.


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