Dr Sarwar – student activism photos and as a PMA office bearer

Dr Sarwar – Dow, PMA & other pix

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  1. I didn’t have the good fortune to know Sarwar Sahib for as long or as intensively as many others, but I did have the luck to be one of his hosts on his single visit to the United States. He spent most of his day or two in New York in our apartment, either talking with us or reading M.J. Akbar’s biography of Nehru. He said he didn’t need to go out to see the sights because he had already seen them in the movies, which was true enough.

    Zakia and I did take him to see the recently restored main public library, which he enjoyed, and then we went to “Curry Hill” for some dosas. After that Zakia and Sarwar Sahib had a train to catch, so we took a taxi to the station.

    The taxi driver was from Pakistan and Sarwar Sahib talked with him very gently, asking all about his life. Predictably enough, the driver refused to take any money when we reached the station. What Sarwar Sahib did next was something really magical, which I’m not sure how he accomplished. He made sure at the same time that the driver was paid while also giving him the feeling that his gift had been accepted. That combination of fairness, graciousness and charisma is really something rare in the world.

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