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  1. I am Late Hasan Nasir’s nephew who lives in UK.
    Where can I obtain more information on him?

    • Justice Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, B.M. Kutty and others in Karachi remember him well. My eldest phuphi, Sadiqa Waheeduddin also remembers him well, how he used to come to their house, and when his mother came from Hyderabad Deccan to identify his body… Started to compile all their comments, will share once I have done that.

    • If you really are, then you should be the one and on the forefront to spread his message.

    • ASAK. Many thanks for this. I look forward to hearing from you. Extremely grateful whatever you can share with me. How can I contact you?
      Nasir Chacha’s mother was Mrs Zehra Alambardar who was my grandmother.

  2. I was 6 years old, living in Hyderabad, India when Nasir Chacha died. Not much literature has been left by my late grandmother Mrs Zehra Alambardar for me start anywhere. I have contacted 11 people in Pakistan & 2 have stepped forward. People are petrified to talk about what led to his death, how he died etc, but I will revive this & have started
    What do you mean “if you really are”?

    • Good to hear you are on it. Not sure whether Sana’s comment above ‘If you really are” was directed at you or at me. There was a wonderful event at the Karachi Press Club last week at many people talked about his life and his death – people openly said he was tortured and killed (I haven’t so far come across anyone being petrified to talk about it).
      Will send you the material once I type it up.

      • I heard about this event (to mark his 50th death anniversary). In fact I even tried to get a visa but was too late. I have been to Pakistan on several occassions & had few leads but people didnt want to talk both in Karachi & Lahore. My email id is: biryani4@yahoo.co.uk & I will send you some info if you can email me your em add.

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