Jan 8, 2010 – ‘Students’ Day’; Nov 13, Hasan Nasir Day


A rare photo of Hassan Nasir

Note: Photo of Hasan Nasir courtesy People’s Democratic Front (PDF) and National Students’ Federation (NSF)

Oct 12, 2009: Email sent to several old friends and family members of Dr Sarwar, as well as some younger activists and others.

Over the past month, following the references at Karachi and Lahore, a small informal group has come together in order to take forward the legacy of Dr M. Sarwar. Updates following our last discussion followed by notes from the meeting:

Barkat Alam in the UK and Dr M. Sharif, ‘Lali’ in Karachi passed away recently. Sincere condolences to their families.

Rediscovery of an old comrade: Thanks to Iqbal Alavi we are now in touch with Dr Abbas Hamdani, who taught Islamic History at Sindh Muslim College during the student movement days (h. Iqbal Alavi describes Dr. Hamdani as a political mentor to many of the young students of that time – he participated in the historic processions and was arrested and shared barracks in Karachi prison with the arrested students and journalists (In an interview to Anwer Sen Roy, Jan 2007, Dr Sarwar mentioned that Dr Hamdani had tried to teach him French in prison). Dr Hamdani has just retired from the place he was teaching in Wisconsin and is re-locating to Florida.

Booklet on Dr Sarwar and the 1950s student movement: Labour Party Pakistan published a booklet ‘Celebrating Dr Sarwar’ for the Aug 8 meeting in Lahore at HRCP. LPP has re-printed it (there was a binding error in the original). Ammar Ali Jan of LPP who compiled the publication has taken several copies with him to America for those who may be interested.

HASAN NASIR DAY: Berozgar Naujwan Tehreek is organising Hassan Nasir day in Khanewal on 13th November.

Iqbal Alavi, Mazhar Saeed, Zain Alavi, Zakia Sarwar, Haris Gazdar, Salamat Kamal, Wilayat Ali (visiting from Dhaka), Saleem Asmi, S.M. Shahid, Shahid Husain, and Beena Sarwar were present
Regrets from: Mirza Mohammad Kazim, Abul Fazl, Dr Haroon Ahmed, Dr Badar Siddiqi, Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, Aisha Gazdar & Asif Saad. We get regular long distance inputs from S.M. Naseem and Eric Rahim; we are also in touch with Dr Ayub Mirza through his daughter Alina Mirza in Glasgow.

Event planned for Jan 8, 2010 in Karachi (can be elsewhere too) to commemorate the Legacy of Dr Sarwar and the 1950’s Student Movement
Suggested venue: Press Club parking lot, Friday, Jan 8, 2010, 4.00 pm. A ‘jalsa’ or large meeting to commemorate Dr Sarwar’s legacy and inform the younger generation in particular about the student movement and its salient features. Featuring 2-3 speakers, presentations followed by a discussion. Irtiqa will transcribe the presentations and produce a book to commemorate the movement as a tribute to student unity. We will involve students, send invitations and posters to various educational institutes.

Music: Several people suggested including music in the programme. This will need money & needs to be further discussed.


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  1. My greetings to friends on Hasan Nasir day on 13th November

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