Jan 9-10, 2010: Event to honour and take forward the legacy of the 1950s student movement

3-Student mtg 1951 or 52

Sarwar addressing a meeting; M.R.A. Hashmi seated, Karachi, 1950's

Event to honour and take forward the legacy of Dr Sarwar and the 1950’s student movement ie. nationwide student unity based on issues concerning students, independent position (non-alignment to any political party or ideology), and organisation. Re-visiting and claiming this forgotten part of our past may help us find the way forward

Jan 9, 2010, Arts Council, 4.30-8.00 pm

Honouring the January movement activists (commemorating Jan 7-8, 1953 when police firing killed 8 students)

    2. Documentary film on the 1950’s student movement by Sharjil Baloch and Beena Sarwar

    3. FEHMIDA RIAZ – Memories and poem

    4. Then and now and the way forward

    1. Ms Varda Nisar – Karachi University student
    2. Ms. Aalia Amirali Hoodbhoy – M.Phil student in anthropology at QAU
    3. Ms Amar Sindhu – lecturer in Philosophy at Jamshoro U
    4. Ali Cheema  – economics teacher, LUMS


    6. TINA SANI – Memories and song

    7. MUSIC by the popular band Laal

    Jan 10, 2010, PMA House, 11.30 am – roundtable discussion with surviving activists, later leaders and today’s students (by invitation)
    Draft title: “8th January and The Way Forward”

    NOTE: There is no formal organisation involved – the ad-hoc organising group members include activists from Pakistan’s first progressive student movement, friends, family and admirers of Dr Sarwar. We will be grateful for whatever help anyone on this list can extend in terms of time, effort, fund-raising etc.

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