‘Three days that shook the country’ – Students’ Herald, January 19, 1953

The number of those killed remains a disputed figure, ranging from 8 (official) to 17 (Imroze) to 32 (legal advisory committee later formed – ref. Asim A. Shah, former president NSF) Below, scans from the Students’ Herald “Martyrs’ Number”, January 19, 1953, report headlined: ‘THREE DAYS THAT SHOOK THE COUNTRY: 27 Martyred & Hundreds Injured and Arrested’ (pages 10 & 13).

Page 10


Students’ Herald Martyrs’ Number, January 19, 1953 (Vol. 1 No. 5), p. 13

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  1. […] 1953 (The Students Herald ‘Martyrs’ Issue’, Jan 19, 1953). Another report in that issue, “Three Days that Shook the Country” lists the dead, including several school students. Two were 12-years old. I’m struck by […]

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