MARTYRS TO THE CAUSE OF STUDENTS (Students’ Herald, Jan 19, 1953)

STUDENTS’ HERALD – Fortnightly Journal of the Students
Vol. 1 No. 5 JANUARY 19, 1953  PRICE 2 As.
Inserts: page i (with photos of injured in hospital) and page ii (text below)

Insert pg i

Page ii (insert) with list of students killed on Jan 7 & Jan 8


The bestial action of the police of Karachi in the three tragic days, was marked with indiscriminate shooting of teen-agers and old   people. They seemed to have a special liking for the blood of those, who as human beings could not resist helping their injured brethren.

According to hospital authorities about a score of persons have been permanently disabled and many of the patients shall take at least one month to be discharged from hospitals.

The tale of the extremely tragic death of a young Hindu student Mansukhlal, who had   just  finished his camping in the much-trumpeted Scout Jamboree, shall long be remembered by the  citizens of Karachi. Donning his gray scout uniform this Sindhi youth, full of vigour and enthusiasm, was helping the injured in front of Paradise Cinema. The police could not tolerate this “criminal” action of the young boy and soon sent the young soul to its heavenly home. Before taking this last breath, he might have pondered, what for was all this learning and listening about the duties of a scout.

There is a great number of such tales about police brutalities and if one had time and space volumes could be written about them.

According to information received  by Herald, the following is the list of casualties:


  1. Hyder Ali Bohra, Age 21 years (married), student of F.Y.Se.
  2. Asghar, (Photo published in newspapers).
  3. Rafiq Dada, Age: 12 years, High School student.
  4. Ghulam Rabbani, Age: 12 years  High  school student, Punjabi Guardians in Navy, Keamari; parents in Punjab.
  5. Man Sukh Lal, Age: 15 years, IX or X Class, BVS Parsi High Scnool, Pak Scout, came to help the injured. Bullet shot at cheek piercing through the head on Jan. 8. Had reached Crescent Trad­ing Co. Address Nanakwada, Guardians: mother and elder brother.
  6. One Bengali student (bearded) shot on the 8th January.
  7. An unidentified youth shot at the chest and abdomen four times (still in his teens).
  8. Hafizullah, School student shot on Jan. 8


List (Incomplete)

  1. Wohra (Valika Mills), shot on 8th.
  2. Abdul Sattar Motor Cycle Rickshaw driver; gunshot at the head in Saddar on 8th, died on the way.
  3. A Pathan, had come to see his uncle.
  4. Naimatullah Qureshi, Age 23 years; employed darner at Elphinstone Dry Cleaning.


  1. Rafiullah (City High School)
  2. Mond. Yunus Mohd. Saleh (Night High School)
  3. Iqbttl Hussain (City High School)
  4. Mohd. Riehmat ullah Khan (City Night College)
  5. Mohd. Haroon (City Night College)
  6. Mohd. Mohsin Kifayatullah (City Night College)
  7. Mustaq Ali (PCG High School)
  8. Noor Hussain (Taleemgah High School)
  9. Saeed Khan (Pak Anjuman Day & Night School)
  10. Mohd. Inayatullah (City Night College)
  11. Mohd. Meera Ji (Sind Madarsah)
  12. Mohd. Ghalib Khan (Dow Medical College)
  13. Abdu] Hakim Kazi (NED College)
  14. Khanzada Masood Motiamed Khan (DJ College)
  15. Iftikhar Ajmal (High School Student)

Arrested on discharge from Jinnah Central Hospital

  1. Fida Husain (Commerce College)
  2. Abdul Hamed (City Night School)
  3. Mirza A. Beg   (City Night School)
  4. Syed Abdul Hai (City Night School)



Mr. Zakir Mashhadi, Vice-President All Pakistan Postmen and Lower Grade Staff Union has issued the following statement:

“I condemn in the stongest language the brutal firing by police in ‘ Karachi on 8th January, taking eight precious lives and injuring hundreds. Was it worthy of a National Govern­ment to give lathi-charge, tear gas and bullets to students in reply to their demand for reduction in fees?”

“Are your rulers un-aware of critical economic crisis, that their ear fell deff to students’ just demands? The brutual firing of Police and indiscriminate action taken by authorities of Karachi Metropolis must be condemned by every patriotic Pakistani.”

“I on behalf of my Union share the sorrow and offer heartfelt sympathies with parents of those heroic students and others and request the Prime Minister to give reins of Karachi administration in saner, sober and wiser hands, and Public enquiry be held.”
“My Union will not lag behind in support of the demands of the Inter-Collegiate Body.”

4 Responses

  1. I was 8 but remember my father telling to my mother the brutal act of establishment the commissionar of Karachi and his brother then chief of police, killing the student at target and showed his hatred .

    In every dacade the same story is being repeated.

  2. the struggle will go on
    we will overcome.

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