Upcoming event: Jan 9, 2010 – Honouring the legacy

SAVE THE DATE  Jan 9, 2010,
4.30 pm, Arts Council Bokhari Open Air Auditorium, Karachi


Programme, compered by Rahat Kazmi, includes: Honouring the January 1953 movement activists, a documentary film on Pakistan’s first nation-wide student movement, comments by young activists Alia Amirali (QAU), Varda Nisar (Karachi University), Amar Sindhu (Jamshoro University) and Ali Cheema (LUMS); poetry by Fehmida Riaz, renditions by Tina Sani; concluding remarks by I.A. Rehman and performance by the popular band Laal. More details here. Students welcome.

For passes contact (tel.) +92-21-3585 3156; (cell) +92-300-2413103; or email: info@pmc.com.pk or The Second Floor


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  1. It’s a good article. All the living actors of this movement should write whatever they remember about this period, particularly about those who were martyred during this movement.

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