‘Look back to look forward’: curtain raisers and news reports

Dr Haroon Ahmed making a point; Iqbal Alavi, Shahid Husain and Anis Haroon also visible.

  • Report on seminar organised by Irtiqa and Friends of Dr Sarwar, in The News:‘Majoritarian’ state a tyranny: IA Rehman”, by Shahid Husain, Jan 11: It was high time the people of Pakistan made a break from a “majoritarian state” since it had become a tyranny, veteran journalist and Human Rights activist I.A Rehman said on Sunday. He was speaking at a closed-door meeting organised at the PMA House by “Friends of Dr Sarwar” and the Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences. (Complete report here)
  • PPI report in Daily Times on the Jan 9 event: “Revival of student activism ‘vital for reshaping society’”, Jan 10:  *Speakers at Karachi moot recall students’ struggle for rights, martyrs of 1953 students’ movement launched by Dr Sarwar 
*Say movement changed fate of students through demands for basic rights *HRCP Secretary General IA Rehman says 1953 movement represented all segments of society (Complete report here)
  • Dawn report on the Jan 9 event at Arts Council: “Students’ movement of 1953 celebrated” by Peerzada Salman,  Jan 10: Tinged with nostalgic moments, moving speeches and poetic renditions, the programme to commemorate a nationwide student movement of the 1950s entitled ‘Celebrating the 1953 student movement, looking back to look forward’ held at the Arts Council Karachi on Saturday evening turned out to be a memorable event. (Complete report here)
  • Curtain raiser in The News on the Jan 9 event at Arts Council:  “Remembering a leader; inspiring the future” by Shahid Husain,  Jan 08: Amidst an environment wherein malignant aggression has taken deep root in Pakistani society and suicide bombing and terrorism have become the order of the day, students and youth of Karachi will assemble on January 9 at the Arts Council of Pakistan to pay homage to Dr Mohammad Sarwar, leader of the January 1953, students’ movement. The gathering, it is hoped, will act as a catalyst for the revival of a genuine democratic movement in Pakistan. (Complete report here)

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  1. What a great evening it was! I’m certain the evening was a catalyst to continue the great work that Beena Sarwar’s late father pioneered. The passion seems to be there.

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