POETRY AND POLITICS: Jyoti Basu, Fehmida Riaz, Khushwant Singh, Badri Raina

This post is not directly relevant to the student movement that Dr Sarwar was involved with but it does involve people close to his heart – he admired Jyoti Basu and followed politics in West Bengal keenly, enjoyed reading Khushwant Singh, was close to Fehmida Riaz, and I read out Badri Raina’s poetry to him while he was in hospital in April 2009, which he liked. Posted to Journeys to Democracy yesterday:

Prof. Badri Raina <badri.raina@gmail.com> sent this heartfelt tribute to Jyoti Basu, the veteran Communist leader of West Bengal, on the night of Jan 17 – which is how I learnt of Basu’s demise. Over to Badri Raina: “a humble tribute with a heavy heart”

Jyoti Basu

Jyoti Basu

As I write, you seem set
To bid adieu—
Your life’s work more than done.
We would be truly greedy
To ask more of you.

What man walked so straight
And for so long
With a single thought in mind—
To do what you could
For fellow men and women
At the end of the line.

For the complete post, including Fehmida Riaz’s poem sent to Badri Raina, at this link.

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