PWA 75th Anniversary: 5th Progressive Writers Conference, Birmingham

5th Progressive Writers Conference – Birmingham

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Progressive Writers Association (PWA)

Progressive Writers Association UK in collaboration with South Asian Peoples Forum and Indian Workers Association cordially invites you to a public meeting to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Progressive Writers Association (PWA).

Saturday, 18 September 2010
2.30-7.00 p.m.,
Edward Street Youth Center,
21 Victoria Street,
West Bromwich, B70 8ET

The PWA, established in 1935 in London, heralded a major literary movement against imperialism, colonial rule and for the democratic rights of South Asian people. The PWA played a critical role in mobilising the masses through literature. Most of the prominent writers in the sub-continent, such as Sajjad Zaheer, Sahir Ludhanvi, Munshi Premchand, Minto, Faiz, Bedi, Amrita Preetam, Josh, Jalib, Faraz, to name a few, were in the forefront of our struggle.
The conference is to honour the heroic struggle of our writers, poets and artists who became the conscience of our people for many decades, to re-launch the PWA, to reaffirm our determination to continue the struggle for justice, equality and human rights.

Special Guests:
Rahat Saeed, Deputy General Secretary Progressive Writers Association Pakistan
Arif Naqvi, Progressive Writers Association Germany

Paper: Surjit Singh Khalsa – The contribution of Sufism to Punjabi Literature

Other Speakers/ Contributors:
Avtar Sadiq, Voice President Indian Workers Association,
Prof Nazir Tabassum, Co-ordinator South Asian Peoples Forum,
Abbas Malik, President British Pakistani Journalists Association,
Gurnam Singh Dhillon, Co-ordinator Progressive Writers Association UK,
Parkash Singh Azad, Progressive Writers Association UK,
Pervez Fateh, Co-ordinator South Asian Peoples Forum,
Harish Malhotra, Progressive Writers Association UK

For further information:

Gurnam Singh Dhillon:  07946647696
Pervez Fateh: 07958541672
Avtar Sadiq: 07794007863
Bhupinder Singh Sagoo: 07501038048
Parkash. S. Azad: 01215252787


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