Aur Nikle.nge Ushhaq ke Qafle: a documentary film on DSF

The inspiring story of Democratic Students Federation (DSF), Pakistan’s first nation-wide student movement, led by Dr M Sarwar (1930-2009). A historical documentary based on interviews, extensive research and archival material.


Archival material and photos: Dawn archives; Students’ Herald; Agha Waseem Ahmed;; M. Farooq Memon; Moizuddin Farooqui; S.M. Naseem; friends and family of Dr Sarwar

Permissions: Managing Trustees, Hormasjee Katrak Hall, DG Karachi Rangers, Mitharam Hostel, DG Prisons, Karachi Central Prison

Participation: Dr Haroon Ahmed, Iqbal Alavi, Saleem Asmi, Shahida Haroon, Mazhar Jameel, Mirza Mohammad Kazim, Nauzer Messman, Zehra Nigah, Mazhar Saeed

Title and illustrations: K.B. Abro

Animations: Beena Sarwar with Sharjil Baloch

Script, voiceover & Direction: Sharjil Baloch

Research & Production: Beena Sarwar

(c) Beena Sarwar 2010

5 Responses

  1. Thank You Beena

    Can I circulate it, can I put it on a blog site?
    This will give some idea to many about what could have been.
    Well done.

    Just two things, one suggestion and one request the suggestion the translation of Ghalib’s misra needs to be corrected “I do not listen without repeating myself is wrong” this will become clear if yoy consider the complete sher

    Behra hoon gar to chaahiye doona ho iltefaat – sunta nanhin hoon baat mukarrar kahe baghair

    I am placing a literal meaning of the words below

    If I am unable to hear, let your love for me multiply
    i do not hear unless you say everything twice over

    and the request, can you get across to me, in words not necessarily in video whatever information you were able to get on my bade abbu, Anis Hashmi

    thanks and Well done once again

    • Thanks Sohail. You are most welcome to share it. Appreciate the feedback about the Ghalib misra – I will try to change the subtitle.
      Re: Anis Hashmi, he is much admired and respected of course, and an inspiration to progressive thinking people. Will email with more specifics it I get them. Thanks.

  2. Dear Beena,
    That is a great job. Hope we see more of such documentaries from you.

  3. Great animation and archival footage, Beena. Thank you for a rare look at a forgotten chapter in South Asan history.

  4. Narration is the reflection of pre-determined set of ideas. In 1953 and onwards I was as an early teen-ager tried to understand the motives and real intentions of the some of the prime-movers of the movement, its leaders like Dr. Sarwar, (who later on established his practice in Golimar area near Sir Syed Women’s college). Iqbal Alvi use to be my neighbor near, Abbasi Shaheed Hospl. Anees Hashmi also lived close to Nazimabad Chowrangi is also casually known to me like wise another progressive poet Khaleeq Ibraheem Khaleeq was another acquaintance of mine. Now I can confidently say: Gandum numa jau faroshaun say rusm wa rah na ki ……. Shukr hai zindagi bulkey a’akhirath tabah na ki. .

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