‘Looking back to look forward’: event videos now online

A play list of 16 clips from ‘Looking back to look forward’, the three-hour long event held in Karachi on Jan 9, 2010 to commemorate Dr Sarwar and the 1953 student movement. Click this playlist link to see a list of all the clips. Clickable in chronological order below:

  1. DSF event, Karachi, Jan 9, 2010 (Part 1): Intro and Rahat Kazmi
  2. DSF event, Karachi, 2010 (Part 2) Rahat Kazmi, Dr Haroon Ahmed, Sibghatullah Kadri
  3. DSF event 2010 (Part 3) RECOLLECTIONS – Justice (r) Haziq-ul-Khairi, advocate Mirza Mohd Kazim, advocate Mazhar Jameel, Ghazi Salahuddin, Moiz Faruqui
  4. DSF event 2010 (Part 4) – Fehmida Riaz, Usha Zuberi
  5. DSF event 2010 (Part 5) – Alia Amirali (NSF)
  6. DSF event 2010 (Part 6) Varda Nisar, Ali Cheema, Dr Adib Rizvi
  7. DSF event Jan 2010 (Part 7) – Amar Sindhu
  8. DSF event 2010 (Part 8.) – I.A. Rehman
  9. DSF event 2010 (Part 9) – Tina Sani
  10. DSF event 2010 (Part 10) – two speeches & some drama Ahmed Shah of Arts Council, M. Yusuf of Sindh Awami Sangat and Momin Khan Momin
  11. DSF event 2010 (Part 11) : LAAL-1 “Umeed-e-Sahar” (Faiz) & Kabhi hoN na hum juda
  12. DSF event 2010 (Part 12) : LAAL-2 “Mein ne Uss se Yeh Kaha” Habib Jalib
  13. DSF event 2010 (Part 13) : LAAL-3 “Kal Aaj Aur Kal” by Aitzaz Ahsan
  14. DSF event 2010 (Part 14) : LAAL-4 “Mat Samjho Hum ne Bhula Diya” by Shahram Azhar
  15. DSF event 2010 (Part 15) : LAAL-5 “Khatre Mein Islam Nahin” & Mazdoor song
  16. DSF event 2010 (Part 16) : LAAL-6 Rousing finale – Aman ka parcham le kar uTtho

Thanks again to all those who participated in the event and volunteered their time. Besides those mentioned in the clips above, many thanks to Shabnam Abdullah and her team for the wonderful backdrops and stage setting that created such a great ambience.

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