S. Ali Jafari: ‘Remembering Doc’

At a small private gathering last year, S. Ali Jafari, son of the famous satirical poet S. M. Jafari, read his essay “Remembering Doc”. His son Salman videotaped the reading, which forms the basis of this edited version. The essay in chaste Urdu humorously captures the spirit and idealism of progressive politics. It also contains observations about the art of listening, and conversing with civility and respect despite differences in opinion.

Dr M. Sarwar passed away peacefully at his residence in Karachi on 26 May 2009

As a student at Dow Medical College, Sarwar led Pakistan’s first nation-wide student movement spearheaded by the Democratic Students Federation. The movement carries enduring lessons about the importance of unity and forging a one-point agenda for larger goals.


Essay and reading: S. Ali Jafari
Video:  Salman Jafari
Editing:  Beena Sarwar

Background music: “Zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya” – Mohammad Rafi (Hum Dono, 1961)

Archival photos:
Jafari family
Asghar Abbas
Zeba Haleem

Other photos by:
Dr Haroon Ahmed
S.M. Shahid
Anwer Sen Roy
Rashida Raza
Nadra Huma Quraishi
Beena Sarwar



(c) beena sarwar 2019

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