Was the Russian Revolution a Marxist revolution?

From Eric Rahim in Glasgow, Sept 8, 2010:

The background to the writing of this article is as follows. I was asked by the editor of the Left, Urdu language journal Awami Jamhori Forum if I would comment on a number of questions which were currently subject of discussion in Pakistani Marxist and left circles. I agreed. The first question asked provides the title of this article. ER.

Was the Russian Revolution a Marxist revolution?

Eric Rahim

The materialist method: a hypothesis for understanding social change

Before you can answer this question, you have to decide what you mean by ‘a Marxist revolution’. And to do that you need to understand the main ideas of the ‘materialist conception of history’. That is the case because the materialist conception is a hypothesis for understanding historical development which involves changes in modes of production (socio-economic systems, e.g. feudalism, capitalism); and change from one mode of production to another involves, in turn, a revolution (peaceful or violent). For this reason much of the following discussion is about Marx’s hypothesis (which he called ‘my materialist method’) of social change or development which involves both evolution (gradual change generated within society) and revolution. Continue reading

Friends, followers pay tributes to Dr Sarwar

Scan of a report published in Dawn, Lahore edition, Aug 9, 2009 (not available on the website).

N.B. Note of correction below

Sarwar Dawn Aug 9 09

Correction: As mentioned in the press release sent out earlier, the event was organised by ‘friends and admirers of Dr Sarwar and his legacy’. The initiator of the event was Dr Farrukh Gulzar, working in his individual capacity as an admirer and follower of Dr Sarwar, the HRCP (Husain Naqi and Zaman Khan, use of the auditorium and staff), the Labour Party Pakistan (Ammar Ali Jan and Farooq Sulehria, who also published a booklet compiling articles related to Dr Sarwar and the 1950s student movement), and Dr Sarwar’s family.

The Awami Jamhoori Forum was not involved in the organisation, nor is Dr Farrukh Gulzar a member of the AJF as the report states.

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