PMA condemns colleague’s murder | Dr Baqir Shah

31st December, 2011

Press Release

The Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi has strongly condemned the brutal murder of Dr. Baqir Shah, Police Surgeon, Quetta while performing his official duties. The reason for his killing is obvious: that he was the key witness of the Kharotabad incident. He had conducted the post-mortem examination of the victims and had given the factual version that the victims had died due to the indiscriminate firing of the LEAs and not due to an explosion.

If truth is going to be silenced in this manner how can justice prevail? The government did not provide him any security inspite of the fact that an earlier attempt had been made on his life. How can the government function if it fails to protect its own functionaries? How will other medico-legal officers react to this incident: will they not be afraid to give their fair and factual finding in such cases?

The PMA calls upon the Government to hold an urgent judicial and arrest the perpetrators of this heineous crime. The PMA also urges the Chief Justice of the Balochistan High Court, who is a very able and upright Judge, to take suo moto notice of this incident to ensure that those who help in the attainment of Justice are not silenced in this manner.

Dr. Salamat Kamal
Vice President
PMA, Karachi

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