Celebrating Dr Sarwar, DSF, Lahore, Aug 8, 2009

Video clips from the event Celebrating Dr Sarwar, DSF, Aug 8, 2009, at the HRCP auditorium in Lahore, organised by medical doctor Dr Farrukh Gulzar, Ammar Ali Jan of the Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) and friends of Dr Sarwar, now uploaded to the web. Below, the respected journalist Minhaj Barna speaking at the occasion. Other speakers included Abid Hasan Minto, I.A. Rehman, Hameed Akhtar, Zaman Khan, Afzal Tauseef, and others. For all the clips in this series, see this playlist.

‘Looking back to look forward’: event videos now online

A play list of 16 clips from ‘Looking back to look forward’, the three-hour long event held in Karachi on Jan 9, 2010 to commemorate Dr Sarwar and the 1953 student movement. Click this playlist link to see a list of all the clips. Clickable in chronological order below: Continue reading

Another Hasan Nasir Day in Karachi

Hasan Nasir Shaheed: An inspiration for progressive politics

Communist Party of Pakistan, Karachi Committee invitation: Hasan Nasir Day

Monday, Nov 29, 4.00 pm, PMA House, Karachi

Dr Mazher to preside

Speakers include: Imdad Qazi, Justice (rtd) Fakhrudin G. Ebrahim, Wahid Bashir, Nasir Mansoor, Hassan Nasir, Dr Humayun Bashir, Dr Habibur Rehman Soomro, Dr Nisar Shah, Iqbal Alavi, Manzoor Razi, Fareed Awan, Ayub Qureshi, Khursheed Abbasi, Mrs Ilmia, and Sania Saeed.

Performance by Sheema Kermani

Remembering Comrade Hasan Nasir


Hasan Nasir Shaheed: An inspiration for progressive politics

50th death anniversary of Communist Party Pakistan leader Comrade Hasan Nasir

Tortured & killed by military regime Nov 13, 1960

Commemorating his life and struggle at

Karachi Press Club, 3.00 pm, Nov 14, 2010

Organised by Awami Party Pakistan

Yusuf Khattak

Tel. +92-301-288930045

Barkat Alam – an old comrade passes on

Barkat Alam001_2

Barkat Alam. Photo courtesy Barkat Alam's family via Eric Rahim

From Eric Rahim in Glasgow:

Dear Friends,

I bring you the sad news of the death of Barkat Alam in the early hours of this morning (Saturday, the 10th of October). Barkat had been seriously ill for some months now and the end was not unexpected. I was with him last night, but he was unconscious and the doctor told me that he would probably go during the night. Najma, his wife, and daughter Sabaa were with him when he passed away peacefully.

Barkat joined the Karachi student movement of the early 50s (and the Party), along with Mohammad Shafi and Saghir Ahmad, while still at school. All three of them played an active role in the movement. Many friends from that time will remember him with affection, a quiet, unassuming, serious-minded young man.

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Karachi communists in the early 1950s: a contribution to the ‘Sarwar Reference’ by Eric Rahim

Eric Rahim: A journalist and activist remembers

Eric Rahim:A journalist and activist remembers

In celebrating the life of Dr Mohammad Sarwar, many of his friends and student and political activists have recorded their memories and experiences from the period of the early 1950s. As far as I can tell this is the first time that so many people from the Left have come together (physically or in their thoughts) to pool together their memories from that period – a period of hope and optimism – about the future of democratic politics in Pakistan. What could be a better tribute to Sarwar’s outstanding contribution to the student movement and democratic politics?

The random and disconnected notes that follow, drawn from a hazy and failing memory of events that took place almost sixty years ago, are a contribution to the Sarwar Reference. Very broadly speaking, they deal with two related issues that have received only marginal attention in the contributions made so far – the presence of the Communist Party in Karachi, and the causes of the inability of the student movement to sustain itself beyond the early 50s.

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