Condolence meeting for Fatehyab Oct 3, Arts Council Karachi

Dear friends,

Please attend a condolence meeting for our late respected comrade Fatehyab Ali Khan, political leader, activist, intellectual, Executive Director, Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, Sun, Oct 3, 5.30pm, Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi.

Please spread the word. Thank you.
On behalf of Iqbal Alavi Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences

Fatehyab Ali Khan no more. RIP comrade

Sad to hear that Fatehyab Ali Khan is no more. He suffered a massive heart attack in Karachi on Sept 23 and was rushed to hospital where doctors tried to revive him with electric shocks. He was subsequently kept on a ventilator, until doctors gave up hope last night.

He and his contemporary Mairaj Mohammad Khan were very much present at the Jan 9, 2010 event held in Karachi to commemorate the 1950s Democratic Students Federation (DSF) led student movement, during which he had been a high school student. They were happy to be there; their very presence meant a lot to everyone there. The movement inspired him and others of his generation who were inclined towards left-wing, progressive politics. Continue reading

‘Looking back to look forward’ – amazing turnout, thanks everyone

Rahat Kazmi introducing speakers – photo by Aliya Nisar

What an amazing response to ‘Looking Back to Look Forward – Celebrating the 1953 Student Movement’. (‘…we look back not to revel in nostalgia, WE LOOK BACK TO LOOK FORWARD,’ said veteran journalist Eric Rahim in an email while we were conceptualising the event).

We didn’t think we’d be able to fill the 1000-seater hall. Everyone said “be happy if 500 people turn up”. The hall was FULL, thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers and participants – students and youngsters from Sindh Awami Sangat (huge team of volunteers and a crowded bus-load of participants), Szabist University, Ziauddin Medical College, PECHS Girls’ School (thanks to Seema Malik, 150 students who formed the heart of the audience and kept up the tempo with their youthful energy), and other groups.

View of the audience with PECHS Girls School students – photo Aliya Nisar

“It’s not just the event, it’s the timing of the event that’s important,” said Hiba Ali Raza, one of the student volunteers. “At a time when things look so bleak, and people are so depressed, this was very significant”.

Many had come expecting the usual 200-300 crowd of old lefties with a sprinkling of the young ones. Instead, we had a hall full of young people, boys and girls, students and young professionals who listened attentively to the speakers – Continue reading

Street Fighting Years – series on student politics by Saram Bokhari, DawnNews TV, 2009

This post contains links to a recent five-part series on the history of student politics in Pakistan, produced by Saram Bokhari on Dawn News TV. While the entire series is worth watching for the wealth of information and insights it contains, Episodes 4 and 5 (links below) are based on a discussion with Dr Sarwar and others at his residence in April 2009 (the producer was unable to get hold of Dr Sarwar before starting the series). This was Dr Sarwar’s last interview. He was hospitalised a few days later. He passed away peacefully at home on May 26, 2009 with his characteristic grace, courage and dignity.

Episode 1 – The ’50’s and the ’60’s, featuring interviews with Meraj M. Khan, Fatyab Ali Khan and Munawwar Hasan.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Continue reading

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