Syed Sibte Hasan: An esteemed teacher and leader – by Dr M. Sarwar (1985)

S. Sibte Hasan, Dr M. Sarwar, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Photo by Dr S. Haroon Ahmed

This is a link to the scanned article ‘An esteemed teacher and leader’ by Dr M. Sarwar on Sibte Hasan, 1985: tribute to his friend Syed Sibte Hasan, published in the Pakistan Medical Gazette, June 1, 1985. The article contains a lot of history, and was written about a year before Sibte Hasan passed away. Thanks Aisha Gazdar for the scan.

Exit of a ‘Darwaish’: tribute to Manzar Hasan

Dr Sarwar’s letter to the Editor – an obituary for Manzarul Hasan, Editor of The Leader eveninger, his older brother Akhtar’s friend. I remember typing it out for him, and it being printed in Dawn, but can’t find the date. It was some time in 2002 I think. beena.

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Jan 9-10, 2010: Event to honour and take forward the legacy of the 1950s student movement

3-Student mtg 1951 or 52

Sarwar addressing a meeting; M.R.A. Hashmi seated, Karachi, 1950's

Event to honour and take forward the legacy of Dr Sarwar and the 1950’s student movement ie. nationwide student unity based on issues concerning students, independent position (non-alignment to any political party or ideology), and organisation. Re-visiting and claiming this forgotten part of our past may help us find the way forward

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