DSF 1950-54

27 Sarwar Unity

Page from ‘Student Herald’, Feb 6 1953; photo caption on page: “Mr. Sarwar addressing a press conference on behalf of the ICB’

Students who set the tone – By Zubeida Mustafa in Dawn, Dec 17, 2009

‘Student Movement in Pakistan: A glorious past’By Shahid Husain – article written for PKonweb, uploaded on Dec 8, 2009 as EDITOR’S CHOICE

SECURITY OF EMPLOYMENT: A VITAL NECESSITY FOR STUDENTS – By M. Abul Fazl, in Students’ Herald, April 9, 1953

MARTYRS TO THE CAUSE OF STUDENTS – page from Students’ Herald, Jan 19, 1953, listing the casualties

ICB tour and meetings with students in other cities, Feb 1953 – report – ‘FORWARD TO THE NATIONAL CONVENTION’ by Mohammad Sarwar, report of meetings with students in Lyallpur, Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar, amidst attempts at disruption by Jamat-e-Islami activists

Street Fighting YearsLinks to a five-part television series on student politics in Pakistan, by Saram Bokhari, DawnNews TV, 2009

Chronology: 1950s’ student movement (DSF, ICB, APSO)
Information compiled from Students’ Herald and interviews

UNITY IS OUR WEAPONArticle by Mohammad Sarwar, reflecting on lessons learnt from the January Movement (Students’ Herald, February 6, 1953)

Setting the record straight on DSFArticle by Dr S. Haroon Ahmed and Saleem Asmi, Jan. 2008 (abridged version published in Dawn)

Karachi communists in the early 1950sEric Rahim, a journalist in Karachi and mentor to many student activists in the 1950s, reflects on the Communist Party’s links with the student movement. (Essay for this blog from Glasgow, Sept. 2009)

Sarwar, DSF and the ‘Students’ Herald’Paper presented by S.M. Naseem, editor of the fortnightly Students’ Herald (‘Celebrating Dr Sarwar’ Reference in Lahore, Aug 8, 2009)

Abid Hasan Minto on Dr Sarwar and the DSFInterview of a leading activist by Ammar Ali Jan, Lahore, Aug 2009 (‘Student Movement Re-visited booklet published by the Labour Party Pakistan at the ‘Celebrating Dr Sarwar’ Reference in Lahore, Aug 8, 2009)

‘Dr Sarwar and the 1950s student movement’“Students for whom the bell tolls” by Shahid Husainreport on the fledgling 1950s student movement in Pakistan and how it was crushed (Daily Times, Pakistan, Jan 8, 2004)

A Missed Wake-up Call on Education 50 years AgoS.M. Naseem’s article on DSF’s call for education reforms (slightly abridged version published in Dawn, Jan 2004)

Documentary film on DSF, 2009

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  1. […] she recited, Palwashe Muskurao (Palwasha, smile), at the commemoration we organised for him and the student movement he led. Here’s information about the upcoming event in Delhi, fittingly, on Valentine’s […]

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