Photo archives

Link to online album of ARCHIVAL PHOTOS from the 1950’s student movement.

Suroor Barabankvi, December 1962

DSF activists’ meeting with the PM, 1953

Young people, guests and volunteers, enjoy Laal’s music

More photos of the Jan 9 event, taken by Sakhawat Ali, uploaded at this web album

Photos from events related to ‘Looking back to look forward’ in January, 2010, to commemorate the 1953 student movement

Rare photos by S.M. Shahid taken at the Arts Council in 1980 or so, when Ali Sardar Jafri and Ismat Chughtai visited Pakistan

‘Celebrating Sarwar’ – photos from the Reference held at HRCP Lahore, Aug 8, 2009, organised by Dr Farrukh Gulzar, Labour Party Pakistan and HRCP

Dr Badar at Memorial mtg at PMA, Karachi May 31, 2009

‘Celebrating Sarwar’ – photos from Reference at PMA House Karachi, May 31, 2009, organised by Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences and Friends of Dr Sarwar

Mushaira with Faiz Ahmed Faiz, PMA, Karachi, 1983

Some historic photos of ICB meeting with the Prime Minister, DSF days and PMA meetings at this web album

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