Title of documentary ‘Aur NikleiN Ge Ushhaq ke Qafley’ (Design by K.B. Abro)


Aur Nikle.nge Ushhaq ke Qafle: a documentary film on DSF – 30 min, Jan 2010, by Sharjil Baloch and Beena Sarwar (Urdu, with English subtitles)

‘Looking back to look forward’: event videos online – Playlist of video clips from January 2010 event in Karachi to commemorate DSF and the student movement of the early 1950s, featuring the 1950s student activists, Tina Sani, Fehmida Riaz, Laal, Rahat Kazmi and others.

Celebrating Dr Sarwar, DSF, HRCP Lahore – Playlist of video clips including Hamid Akhtar, Minhaj Barna, Abid Hasan Minto, Husain Naqi, Dr Farrukh Gulzar, Ammar Ali Jan, and others – August 2009

Series on student politics, including a discussion with Dr M. Sarwar, by Saram Bokhari, DawnNews TV, April 2009

Documentary on Faiz Ahmed Faiz by Sharjil Baloch, with S.M. Shahid, Saleem Asmi, Dr Haroon Ahmed and Dr Sarwar (start of part 1), BBC, Nov 2008 – Part 1 and Part 2

Literary shorts


Above: S. Ali Jafari: “Remembering Doc”, letter essay, 14 min., 2018

‘Honoring Dissent/Descent’ by Sehba Sarwar, 1.20 min, 2009

Cambridge Karachi Portrait Story-telling Part 6: Dr Sarwar, by Caroline Jaine, 6.20 min, 2011.


Dr Sarwar: A characteristic pose. Photo by Anwar Senroy

Audio interview (3-parts) by Anwar Sen Roy

Conducted at Sarwar residence, 7 January 2007

* Dr Sarwar interview -1 (9 min) * Dr Sarwar interview-2 (56 min) *Dr Sarwar interview-3 (56 min)

Clip below from video playlist ‘Looking back to look forward’: event, January 2010 event in Karachi:

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